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Torrie Blackwell, CEO/Clinical Director

Torrie is a lifelong learner, dedicated to nurturing and developing herself and others. She is a first-generation Doctoral student and a mom of two. While she is a passionate professional, she is also serious about self-care. In her downtime, she enjoys drama movies, exploring new places, and brunch with friends.

I have the heart to nurture, engage, and support people through their emotions and life experiences. I also have an eye for insight that helps me to develop others while encouraging growth. 

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Torrie Blackwell LMFT
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Rhea Parks, Chief Financial Officer

Rhea is a proud mom of five growing sons #TeamBoyMom. Some of her favorite movies include The Shack, This Christmas, Set It Off, The Expendables, and The Equalizer. In her spare time, she always tries to get more stamps on her passport, hitting the gym, or binge-watching a series on NetFlix. Rhea also enjoys hanging out with her two sisters and their two best friends. While music speaks to her soul and the way she self-cares, one of her favorite songs is Back That Azz Up by Juvenile. 

Rhea is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and founding member of, Mind, Body, & Spirit Marriage and Family Therapy PLLC. She received her Master’s degree from Syracuse University. She is licensed to practice in New York, Delaware, and New Jersey. She also holds BAs in Criminal Justice & Sociology and an MS in Sports Administration from Canisius College.

“On this good earth, there are three people I don’t mess with. The I, the R, and the S.” Luther – Set It Off

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Jennifer Figueroa, Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer is the first in her family to graduate with a Masters Degree. I am of Dominican and Guatemalan descent. Being a Latinx therapist helps me connect with the BIPOC community and help them feel seen and understood. I can speak and/or understand their language. I consider it my superpower. Helping couples is my passion and it has been the highlight of my career. In my downtime I enjoy organizing and junk journaling, both are very grounding and bring me a sense of peace

Jennifer Figueroa
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Leilani Townsend, Office Manager

Leilani has been with the practice for 2 years providing administrative assistance. During the day she works as a 8th-grade science teacher at Mint Hill Middle School.

Leilani holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Middle Grades Education Science from University at North Caroline State Charlotte

“Don’t let anyone dim your light. Shine bright like a diamond” 

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