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Known for connecting with audiences through her transparency and passion for empowering others, Rhea leads women to big breakthroughs in their lives. Practical, spiritually focused and always real, she opens the door for women to master personal disruption, find healing and happiness.

By sharing her own journey with honesty and wisdom, Rhea’s talks create a safe space to laugh, cry and leave fueled with positivity, passion and power. Rhea has spoken to intimate groups, appeared on panels with experts and delivered keynote addresses at symposiums and large events. She will be remembered long after she’s left the stage.

Rhea is a transformation speaker who speaks on personal development, the stigma associated with mental health, the art of communication within interpersonal and romantic relationships, issues impacting singles and couples, and issues impacting women in society. She will deliver one of her signature speeches or a bold, fresh talk designed specifically for your audience. Rhea is available for keynotes, consultations, panels, breakout sessions and workshops.



Women’s Issues, Self-Esteem, Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Through Empowerment.



Supervision Consultation, Business, and Private Practice Consultation.



 Self-care is the best care: design and live your best life authentically.

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