Healing The Whole Person

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Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming your best self. Here at, Mind, Body, Spirit Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC, we specialize in working with individuals, couples, teens & young adults, and families. Our clinicians will work with you specifically to help you create healthier patterns by teaching you coping skills designed uniquely for you.

Marriage & Family Therapists are not only trained to help deal with familial and marital issues but we are also trained to deal with mental health issues impacting entire family systems or just individuals. We are licensed to practice in Delaware, New York, & New Jersey

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal the whole person. We are here to create a safe space while supporting you mentally, physically, & spiritually while you journey to become your very best self.
Anger Management

Anger & Stress Management

Anger is a natural emotion we all experience but since our individual responses to anger differ, a deeper understanding of anger is needed to fully understand and manage it. While women tend to direct anger inwards and self blame, men commonly lash out with anger in effort to feel more in control of their space, emotions, and others. Culturally, anger is perhaps the only emotion considered acceptable for men to display and thus the emotion men tend to be most comfortable expressing.

Couple & Family Relationship Therapy

“Couples therapy” and “marriage counseling” are terms often used interchangeably due to several overlapping topics that are explored. While they both involve engaging with a trained professional and discussing your relationship, the approaches and objectives are different.
Couple Family Relationship Therapy
Anger Stress

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is commonplace and something we all feel to some measure throughout the week. Facing important events, sensing a threat or danger, can all produce mild and brief anxiety tension. However anxiety experienced by someone with an anxiety disorder is frequent, intense, and can be enduring, lasting several hours, or perhaps even days. Unfortunately many people live with anxiety before seeking help and it’s important to know the spectrum of anxiety disorders is effectively treatable.
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